I have been asking myself this for the last 25+ years and I’m not much older than that. I have always wondering what is happiness? I remember seeing people as a child that looked happy, but I wondered if I was that happy.

I know that as a child getting a new toy, staying up past your bed time, or finding a new friend can all bring happiness, but as an adult all these things have repercussions. I bought a new car, and thought I was happy until I got the first car payment. I stayed up late to catch up with friends, and then had to decide if I wanted money or sleep the next day. I have come to realize that happiness as an adult and happiness as a child are not the same thing. I have struggled with this because I miss being happy like I was as a child. Can I be that as an adult?

I don’t know if I will ever know the answer to this question, but this is my pursuit to find out. I have tried to use many things to make me happy i.e: food, people, things, but realized later that it’s not something you can put in other people or things because it’s temporary. So… what really is happiness?


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