We all have comfort zones where you feel comfortable or safe. We all want or desire to push out of these, but it’s scary. The fear of change is scary because it’s unknown. The unknown is something that no one wants to deal with it because it’s not something you can get advice on, because it’s unknown.

The unknown can turn out to be incredibly scary or incredibly awesome. I have dealt with both of these spectrums when stepping out of my comfort zone. I used to say that I hated changed, but then I realized that your days are nothing but change. You wake up one morning and think it’s going to go exactly how yesterday went, but it doesn’t… and that’s change. You may not realize it but every day you have to go out of your comfort zone at some point. You may have to go to work a different route due to different circumstances, you have to have something different for a meal, or you go somewhere new due to an invitation. You expand your comfort zone without realizing it.

I realized this and it was a shock to me. I have moved many times in the last years and had to create new comfort zones. I had to find new places to live, to eat, change job locations, and meet new people. I ended up creating a new comfort area, and it was hard. I managed to find what and where I liked each time I moved, but it wasn’t easy. A lot of trail and error went into finding these places… usually error.

The error is what gives us the memories, learn what we do and don’t want from that point on, and changes us a little bit to be who we are after that moment. I realized that I do have comfort zones, but they aren’t what they used to be. I am learning to be ok with this… and maybe one day I won’t need these zones to be who I am.


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