I was once told that you can do anything you set your mind to… and I believed it. I always thought that I could, until I grew up and realized that it comes with consequences. The consequences are what usually stops us from doing what we want or what we desire.

I want to find happiness. I want to be free. I want to do whatever I want… and I can, but it comes with consequences. They can be good or bad, but they still happen with every decision or action you take. I want a million dollars, but robbing a bank has negative consequences. I want to be thinner, so eating better has positive consequences. The consequences are what make up most of our lives. They can be good, bad, or some depend on how you look at them.

The action of looking at things positive or negative can make huge differences in your life. I have moved many times over the past years and they have been both good an bad. I loved it, I have hated it, and some where just because I wasn’t feeling where I was at right then. I was told that you are not a tree… you can move.

The ability to move is what gives me life. I know that some times you have to be more willing to give up or accept certain things when you do this, but it gives you amazing perspectives. You get to choose where you want to be happy, where you want to settle, and what parts of that place can shape you to who you are.

I think what I am trying to express right now is that you always have the ability to change your surroundings. I know that it may not seem like sometimes, and i have gone into debt to change mine, but I wouldn’t change anything I Have done to get to where I want to be tomorrow.


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