I have had some very interesting and eye opening experiences in the last 48 hours that make me see the good and bad sides of humanity. I was frustrated and upset that people can see something horrible happen and do nothing but stare. I wish that people would try and put themselves in the persons place and understand that if the same thing was happening to them that they would probably want privacy.

Bad things happen in life… to everyone. Change and bad things are the only constants in life. I know that this is the one thing that everyone shares. We all have these experiences and in those moments we want people to be there, to comfort us, or to help us. The moments that happen are when you hope for the best in humanity.

I saw the best in humanity as well. I had people offer to help with the situation. I had people respect privacy, and understand that they didn’t need to be there at that moment. I wish that more people would understand that this is the appropriate response to the majority of bad things that happen. I understand curiosity… but have some fucking respect. I know that there when come a moment when you are going to want that same respect.

I have realized while dealing with this that even though bad things happen it’s all in how you deal with it. I want to be that respectful person in all bad situations and hopefully help others to understand to do the same.


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